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Leftover Christmas Cake Shots

I would sadly pout every time mom threw away our Christmas cake crumbles while trying to nice-edged pieces to share with guests. Until one day, I decided to #savethecake by scooping away all the leftover crumbles and come up with a ‘cake shot’! So simple, so fun and here’s the best part NO COOKING!– these cake shots are definitely a conversation starter over how something so trivial can turn into a whole new dessert!

Makes: 12 shot glasses


12 tablespoons crumbled Christmas cake

12 strawberries, chopped

Spray can of whipped cream

Coloured cake sprinkles (red, green, silver or gold)

Cinnamon powder, for dusting


  1. Line up all the shot glass as you’ll be working one layer at a time across all the glasses.

  2. Begin with scooping a tablespoon of cake crumbles into every shot glass. Follow this by a spray of whipped cream just enough to cover the cake.

  3. Next, toss in some chopped strawberries (approximately one strawberry chopped per shot glass). Dust some cinnamon powder over the strawberry layer.

  4. Follow with a generous spray of whipped cream. Finish with sprinkles on top of every shot glass. Serve immediately or refrigerate until served.

#sasstip: Pick your layers and have fun with it. Here are a couple of options: chopped fruits, chopped nuts, chocolate shavings, red and green jello or even a dollop of Nutella! There are no rules so go all out and customize as you please.

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