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Whip it! Pre-order is Live!

Let's all do the happy dance because I am stoked to announce the PRE-ORDER links for my first ever cookbook - Whip it! A Guide to Getting Sassy & Skilled in the Kitchen - is NOW LIVE! It would give me great joy if you hop over to any of the links below and place your order to receive your very own signed copy from yours truly :) (first 100 preorders).

This book is the culmination of all my dreams to publish a cookbook someday, my culinary travel experiences, trials and errors in the kitchen, family-owned food stained notes and above all an honest passion to guide you on how to turn your kitchen to place that's fun, meditative, cool and sassy! So it you're smashing your work day with perfectly organised to-do lists BUT when it comes to stepping into the kitchen to cook a meal, you feel all meh, then Whip It! is for you! This cookbook is a no-fuss, tried and tested, easy-peasy survival guide for the busy kitchen-phobic girl.

So many of you have been so precious in this journey filling my soul with many a memory I visited during the making of this book. Thank you to my lovely publisher The Dreamwork Collective , my family, the creative and editorial teams and my friends

I am certain Whip it! will bring much fun, joy, love and inspiration to your life just as it as for me. So c'mon everyone - let's Whip it! Pre-order your copy super duper soon.

Pre-order links:


Love and Light,

Delna xoxo

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