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My Book Cover Design Whipped & Ready!

🌟The. Time. Is. Now.🌟 This is it world.

Revealing the cover design of my first ever recipe book - ~Whip it! A Guide to Getting Sassy & Skilled in the Kitchen~ Published by ✏ The Dreamwork Collective and designed by Myriam Arab 🎨

I am OVER THE MOON and SO EXCITED to be sharing this with you🙋‍♀️ It's a dream in the making to be releasing a book that speaks to all my girlfriends (men this book will make a perfect gift!), that as we go about changing the world and painting the town red, it all comes back to YOU - who needs to wind down, kick-off your heels, breathe and instead of skipping meals or choosing take-out, show yourself some love by whipping up a meal, because you can and are worth the few moments spent in the kitchen as part of your self-care and love. This book is like having me right in your kitchen where we have fun conversations about all things food, life, travel and tips that I've gathered from every instance in my life. It's my relationship with food right from a 'lil girl through my life as a busy adult today. I'm here to get you all skilled and sassy in the kitchen because, the kitchen is a fun place to be - I'm going to show you how! 💃 I will be announcing the pre-order links super soon so staaaaay tuned!

Love and Light,



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