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For the love of Spanish Food and Culture: Mercado de San Miguel

Alright, confession time. It’s been a couple of years since I made this ‘food walk’ video and it’s only now that I’ve mustered up the courage to post it. Why? See the video and you’ll know why. Completely impromptu, raw and candid! Believe it or not, but this was right after a very painful hospital visit and I was in tears when my friend was like ‘I know just the thing to cheer you up’. With that said (and only my friends who know me well would think of such things) took me to Mercado de San Miguel – one of Madrid’s famous indoor food markets.

Cocktails that look wow too

Plenty of tapas on display

Classic Iberian Jamon

So here I was, in front of this Mercado and those tear-filled eyes and painful sores disappeared to ….‘oh my gosh! I’ve got to make a video on me walking around the market and tasting stuff’. My friend totally didn’t expect that reaction and with his new Samsung Galaxy S (you can guess the year this video was made now ;P ) we shot the whole food walk! It’s my first attempt, very amateur but very exciting.

It’s crazy what passion can do to people! From teary-eyed, I was all starry-eyed after shooting this video!

I enjoyed every moment being so candid..hope you like it!

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