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It's finally happening - my first book

They said dare to dream, Go wild, go free, Mom and dad said you can be whatever you want to be, In pigtails and with a blunt pencil in her hand, She would scribble about the world she created, From the stories inspired from Enid Blyton's pixies, Of Agatha Christie's mysteries and Secret Seven societies, Of Oprah Winfrey's compassion and Disney's fantasies, Time passed when Letters became words, Words became sentences, Sentences became paragraphs, Paragraphs to stories, And today, she saw years ago, When she would dust off the stacks of stories untold laying on her table, With age-old food stained recipe notes, Nervous as wreck, But blessed beyond words, Because this day has come, When she would be telling all, Dare to dream, Because dreams do come true ❤ I present my first book in the making. Food, stories, travel and humour - it's a fun twist on a guide to getting my girlfriends sassy and skilled in the kitchen. Presenting: Whip it!

I've always heard my friends telling me the kitchen is such a drab place to be in. From understocked pantries, to spices that just sound fancy but you have no idea how to use it, to recipes that look tasty but take 2 hours to prepare, or the aftermath of mountains of dishes you've skillfully built up after cooking - yup, it can be overwhelming and I hear you! But, what if there was a way you could bring your A-game in the kitchen, use your catwoman moves and whip up dishes in record times that are still yummy 👉 that's what I've been working on all along - a naughty and nice combination, WHIP IT is all about falling in love with your kitchen, with no-fuss, simple recipes for every women on the move ! ​

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