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Antonio Carluccio – A Recipe For Life

A Recipe for life is an autobiography on one of the most famous Italian cooks known – Antonio Carluccio. Antonio particularly calls himself a cook (Chapter 1: A Cook is Born) and not a chef because, according to him a chef is a profession whereas a cook does what he does out of passion.

From a famous TV presenter, author and owner of the famous Italian chain restaurant ‘Carluccio’s’, Antonio’s journey over his 50-year career has been a bittersweet path. From his humble beginnings starting from his birth place, Amalfi Coast in Italy, Antonio’s love and passion for Italian cooking began right from his Mamma’s kitchen. From there on and till date, Antonio has always promoted no-fuss Italian cooking; “keep it simple, stay loyal to local ingredients”, he says.

The book is intercepted with recipes he shares along the different stages of his life. A refreshing and extremely motivating read for those who are curious to learn about the road often travelled to fame. Antonio talks about the people in his life who have stood by him through the good and the bad times and the passion that has kept him alive thus far! This one is a keeper!

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