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Lebanese Cuisine by Anissa Helou

Anissa Helou’s book ‘Lebanese Cuisine’ claims to be one of the ‘most comprehensive and authoritative work on the subject’. I couldn’t agree more after going through the book. Lebanese cuisine is one of the most sought-after cuisines in the Arab world and most often people think that’s what Arabic food is all about! The cuisine has spread it’s fame to various parts of the world thanks to the thousands of Lebanese people who settle away from their home country. The cuisine is healthy, light and is often accompanied with lots of salad. The book ‘Lebanese Cuisine’ covers everything from the history of the the country and cuisine, ingredients commonly found in a Lebanese larder and and authentic recipes covering hors d’oeuvres (mezze), salads, soups, savoury pastries, eggs, fish, kibbe, kafta and kebabs, stuffed vegetables, poultry and game, yoghurt dishes, rice and burghul (broken wheat) dishes, stews, pickles and desserts.

Simple, compact and a wealthy resource to everything there is to know about Lebanese Cuisine!

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